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About the Group

:star: What is DBZ-Fanfics? :library: :community:

DBZ-Fanfics is a group created specifically for the readers and writers of Dragonball and Dragonball Z fanfiction. In this group you will find fanfics held on DeviantArt and links to great DBZ stories that are housed on other sites, recommendations and reviews on DBZ fanfics, and monthly drabble contests.

:star: Why join DBZ-Fanfics?

If you like reading or writing fanfiction, then this is a great community to belong to! You can find something new you haven’t read yet, enter the monthly contests, and find others within the fandom.

When you join, please put the group icon in your journal :)

:star: Pairings and Genres

Here at DBZ-Fanfics we like to cover as much of the fandom as possible, so all pairings and genres are acceptable. Because we know everyone has different tastes, each month there will be at least one review on a het pairing fic, at least one review on a yaoi pairing fic, as well as the occasional review on a yuri pairing fic.

Fics don't necessarily need a pairing, though. We have a 'no pairing' folder, so if your story fits into that, feel free to add it!

:star: What do you mean by review?

By review, we mean that the reviewer (for now one of the admins) will pick a story they thought was really good, and will simply write why they think this fic should be read by others. A link to the story will be included in the journal, as well as the pairing(s) involved, the rating and any warnings.

:star: Contests :trophy:

Each month we will hold a drabble contest, either based on a particular character or a particular theme. At the end of the month members will vote for a winning drabble.

:star: Can I submit my own stories to the gallery?

If they’re on dA, then sure! If you would like to contribute to the group’s gallery, click on the ‘contribute’ button, and submit it into the right category in the group’s gallery.
The gallery is organized according to pairings, so please submit your fic into the correct pairing (just choose the main pairing in the fic). If you find that a pairing is missing, contact an admin and we will add it for you

:star: Can I submit art here too?

Because this is a club dedicated to the fanfiction side of things, we’re actually going to limit the art submitted to pictures that were inspired by a specific piece of fanfiction. If you submit a piece of art, please make sure that in your own author’s comments you have a link to the fic that inspired your piece.

:star: Could I review a story I thought was really good?

Sure! If you’ve read a story that you’re crazy about, feel free to write a short review on the story and send it to the group in a NOTE. We will then add it to the next journal along with your icon.
Reviews need to include:
:bulletgreen: The title of the story
:bulletblue: A link to the story
:bulletpurple: The main pairing(s)
:bulletred: The genre
:bulletorange: A brief account of why you think the story is a good read

:bulletpink: The stories don't have to be complete, either. If there's a fic you're currently following, feel free to give us a review for it. Likewise, if there's a dead fic that you still think deserves recognition, tell us!

:star: Are there any rules?

Here at DBZ- Fanfics we just ask that you be courteous to all other members. You don't have to like every pairing/genre/story, but we ask that you respect the work of all authors, and do not flame any fics. However, polite constructive criticism that can help authors improve is absolutely fine.

:star: Affiliates

This group is affiliated with the DBZ Fanfic Salon found here….. The Salon is a great place to discuss DBZ, DBZ artwork and DBZ fanfiction with other fans.

:icondragonball-forever: :iconsweetestirony: :iconlyssumbre-e: :icondragonballzfans: :icondragonball-cosplay: :icondbz-4-life:

If you have a group or club on dA and would like DBZ-Fanfics to be affiliated, please send a NOTE to the group.

This group is all about supporting the fanfiction side of the DBZ fandom, so help show your support to the authors out there by joining this group!
:ashamed: I'm really sorry for going AWOL over the last month. Unfortunately I had to put my studies first. I also got engaged (yay!) which meant that the little spare time I did have over the last month was spent visiting family (both mine and his) to share the good news.

As discussed in previous journals, the group is now going to start offering more variety in the contests. That means that there will be two contests running simultaneously this month. Here are the details:

Contest Eight: The Drabble Contest

The theme for this contest is Journeys. Write about a DBZ character or characters taking part in a journey of some kind (they can have multiple journeys, if you like).

Feel free to interpret the theme however you like; the characters could be travelling, or simply have a journey of self discovery.

This is the drabble contest, which means there is a word limit of 600 words. Because I'm a softy, if you really, really need a few extra words (as in, say, 3) it'll be ok, but admins reserve the right to use discretion and say no.

The deadline for this contest is October 31st.

Entries must be written specifically for the contest, so they must not have been uploaded to DA before this blog entry was posted.

Submit your entries to the Featured folder.

Contest Nine: The One-shot Contest

The theme for this contest is Blood. Write a one-shot (anything over 600 words... and there's no word limit!) that includes a DBZ character or characters and the theme "blood".

I know some people might be going "eww Vampire fan alert!" (and yeah, I just went to see that take-off film "Vampires Suck", which is what gave me the idea), but there's a lot you can do with this theme, especially with DBZ! So think fighting, or even alien bloodlines????

As I said with the drabble contest, feel free to interpret the theme in any way you like.

Just to repeat, there is no word limit for the one-shots. The due date for these is November 30th, so you have two months to enter this contest.

As with all of our contests so far, entries must be new (so nothing uploaded before today).

For now, also submit these stories to Featured (after all, we want your work to be on display!). Once it's time for voting, we'll sort out a specific for each contest to make it easier for people.


In other news, we're now down an admin. I'm thinking that we could actually do with a few more admins on a number of levels (including contributors), so that more people can write blogs (on DBZ fanfiction related topics, of course). If you want to be an admin of some sort, just leave a message below!
Plese send a note to the group to vote for Contest Seven. This time, you have a month to vote, so voting will close on the last day of October.

The theme for contest seven was Past, Present and Future.

The entries are:

Paradigm by :iconshiningmoon:

Nothing Left But Hope... by :iconstrefe:

Home by :iconinuy21:

Made Right by :iconmistresschickenbone:

Goodbye To The Past by :iconmisskes:

Future Changes the Past by :iconginookaimoujo:

All of these entries can be found in the Contest Seven folder:…

To vote, send a note to the group. You have until the 31st October to get your votes in!
Here is the much delayed announcement of the Contest Six Winners:

1st Place: Beginnings by :iconmisskes:

2nd Place: Desperation by :iconmissypoints:

3rd Place: It's a tie! Both Last Chance by :iconshiningmoon: and Worth It by :icondeactived: came in third.

Congratulations to all of the winners for contest six! If you're a winner, send a note to the group so we can arrange a prize for you :)
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longlovevegeta Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
Hello ^^ Is this group active?
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thank you for accepting me into the group, I have been writing fan fiction recently but in French, the story takes place in an alternate universe
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Why no one don't accept my works?
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You guys should take fan comics as well its just like a fan fiction but with pictures :)
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What do the pairings mean? Like a couple, or just the two main characters?
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Check out my fanfic on my deviantart page.It is called Dragon Ball F.
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I have a fanfic I want to upload, and it is based on pairings, but it's my OC's paired with characters. the first couple of chapters are based on my Kyuuri paired with Raditz and then later on her daughter Kida pairs with Trunks. Do you not accept OC fanfics?
gokusupersaiyan4 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
how do submit a fan fiction to you
inuy21 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
You just find the folder for whatever pairing or non-pairing you are submitting, then there will be a "plus" button that you can click and it will bring up your DA works, then you just select from there. Unfortunately, I'm only a contributor here and I have no idea if I can even accept the stories that are getting submitted. I've never been able to find them if I am able to. Once I find out what's going on, I will let you know ^^
Darkinfern Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
Hi, I'm something of a vet fanfiction writer in the DBZ genre, but just about all my works are lemons. Are they allowed here?
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